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A study of Polish LDS (Mormon) conversion in two branches in Warsaw, Poland

On the 16th of June Patrtick Harrison successfully defended a doctoral thesis and graduated.

P.M. Harrison
16 June 2021
Leiden Repository

My dissertation explores how LDS recruitment and conversion occur in two LDS branches in Warsaw, Poland. Regarding recruitment, I focus on the LDS religious and social processes that lead to a small number of Poles joining the LDS Church through LDS baptism. Concerning conversion, I assess the different types of (committed versus less committed) LDS converts that Polish LDS members become after LDS baptism. My dissertation also explores how pre-LDS background/ experience and wider social issues may help or hinder Polish LDS recruitment/conversion. Of particular interest here is how the Catholic Church may influence the political situation in Poland, and how, in turn, this may have a bearing on LDS recruitment/conversion in Poland.Besides focusing on Polish LDS converts, I assess how long-term investigators can stay within the Warsaw/ Polish LDS world for lengthy periods of time without joining the LDS Church.In terms of methodology, I combine participant observation and (structured and unstructured) interviewing to gain insights into how wider social issues; pre-LDS background; LDS social interaction/ networking; and LDS religious training all influence Polish LDS recruitment/conversion.

Supervisor: prof. dr. A.F. de Jong;
Co-supervisor: prof. dr. W.E.A. van Beek

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