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Unraveling Determinants of Inclusive Leadership in Public Organizations

In this article, Tanachia Ashikali aims to explore the determinants of inclusive leadership. This type of leadership is important in achieving social equity and fairness within an organisation.

Tanachia Ashikali
03 July 2023
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According to this article, the range to which the public managers showed inclusive leadership varied accross different organisational levels. Almost every public manager emphasised working in a public organisation, which makes it important to be reflective of society. Working for the public makes diversity and inclusion important topics within their organisational context.

The factor which determines inclusive leadership the most, according to this article, is management humility. Additionally, top management support is important to change organisational culture and norms, motivating and stimulating lower level managers to actively show inclusive leadership. Overall, the findings of this research contribute to a better understanding of inclusive leadership in a public sector context.

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