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Un-solvable crises? Differential implementation and transboundary crisis management in the EU

This article explores how varying policy integration adapts to the anticipation of differential implementations in cross-border crisis management. Lydie Cabane and Martin Lodge analyse the impact of institutional choices on this process.

Lydie Cabane, Martin Lodge
24 November 2023
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Over the past two decades, transboundary crises such as the financial, sovereign debt, refugee and Covid-19 crises have generated intensive debates about the shape and the effectiveness of the European Union (EU)'s multilevel governance structure. This article highlights how the scope for differential implementation is regarded as a key dimension for generating institutional capacity for dealing with transboundary crises. 

The authors offer some broader insights into debates about the problem-solving capacity of the EU. They claim that it has become fashionable to bemoan the limited problem-solving capacity of the EU, to point to the highly asymmetic nature of governance arrangements, and to complain about the centralising tendencies of the European Commission. 

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