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The Role and Effectiveness of the G20

The Role and Effectiveness of the G20. In this article, published in The Changing Global Order part of the United Nations University Series on Regionalism book series, author Jaroslaw Kantorowicz discusses the evolution of the G20.

Jaroslaw Kantorowicz
23 November 2019
The Role and Effectiveness of the G20

The evolution of the G20 is strongly characterised by crisis events. The article zooms in on how the G20 has evolved in recent years. The role of the G20 has changed from global response to the global financial crisis to a forum for international cooperation in multiple policy areas. This change also has implications for the objectives of the G20. Initially, the G20 focused on financial regulatory reforms and balanced economic growth, but its objectives have been noticeably expanded. Issues such as corruption, climate change and aid and development now also play an important role. Kantorowicz describes the institutional set-up and effectiveness of the G20, with the aim of positioning the G20 as an essential part of the changing world order. This article provides a detailed account of the institutions’ main strengths and weaknesses, as well as threats and opportunities as one of the world’s most important diplomatic mechanisms for international economic governance.


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