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The Muslim Brotherhood in Europe

Scholars have long debated the intentions of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East. Some claim the organization supports terrorism, while others believe it is a positive force for democratization.

Edwin Bakker
08 January 2013

Though the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe has attracted less attention, many feel they understand the group just as well. They assume it is closely tied to its Middle Eastern counterpart, with detractors regarding it to be a suspicious, secretive, and centrally-led organization increasing the alienation of Europe's Muslims. Sympathizers, on the other hand, see it as a moderate, westernized, and fully-integrated force for good.

This volume complicates both these views, with experts providing richer and more impartial perspectives on the critical issues relating to Europe's Muslim Brotherhood. It follows the growth and operation of these organizations within different European contexts and captures their highly specific relationship with non-Muslim media and authority figures.

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