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The incongruity of misfit: A systematic literature review and research agenda

The alignment of employees and their work environment implies positive manifestations for the employee and various aspects of the work environment. This research tries to create a coherent comprehension of misfit, enhance conceptual knowledge, highlight prevalent knowledge, and outline promising research avenues.

Martin Sievert, Benedikt Englert, Bernd Helmig, Karen Jansen
03 August 2023
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This research shows the distribution of articles across journals indicates misfits embeddedness in organisational behavior research. The outlets cover a broad spectrum, from journals focused purely on work psychology to management-oriented outlets.

Furthermore, the article shows that previous research focuses mostly on employees fitting within an organisation. The reseachers argue that organisational and extra-organisational dynamics should be included in future research on misfit. Such dynamics include productive problem-oriented coping, organisational coping with misfit, embrace diversity, and consider broader societal trends. 

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