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EU Foreign Policy in practice: selected cases from Latin America

Both Europe and Latin America face challenges globally and at home. Conflicts over land and resources have been resurgent in recent years.

Edited by Joren Selleslaghs
07 April 2017

As the EU seeks to strengthen capacity in security and defence as mandated by the EU's Global Strategy on Foreign and Security Policy (2016), Latin American countries have already started to participate in high-level reflections on joint security cooperation with the EU. Meeting sustainable development goals (SDGs) under Agenda 2030 are an essential Security and objective for all of us in addressing health, climate, environment, education and governance issues among others. The SDGs will be an ever-present subject in EU-Latin American relations, providing scope for development cooperation but also more triangular cooperation (joint assistance in development) as more Latin American countries move into the bracket of high-income countries.

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