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Policy brief on 'Deepening G20-UN System Cooperation to Foster Socio-Economic Recovery from the Pandemic and Reduce Inequality Worldwide'

This Think20 (T20) policy brief recommends the introduction of a "G20+” to lead the way on a post-pandemic socio-economic recovery that is effective, sustainable, and equitable. The “G20+” would harness the group’s formidable economic and political clout, while addressing its current deficits as regards legitimacy, representativeness and connections to the wider multilateral system.

Joris Larik & Richard Ponzio
15 September 2021

The T20 is the official engagement group of the G20, bringing together leading researchers and experts from around the world. It serves as the “ideas bank” of the G20 and aims to provide research-based policy recommendations to the G20 leaders. The T20 Italy strives to be inclusive, digital and policy-oriented in order to better engage the research community, policy-makers and the public at large during the year-long Italian presidency of the G20. As part of the Task Force on  “Multilateralism and Global Governance”, Joris Larik and Richard Ponzio set out in this policy brief specific priority actions for an upgraded “G20+” to pursue, both in the short and medium-term, and outlines which institutional innovations are needed to achieve these ends. Moreover, they sketch a strategy for launching the “G20+”, starting with Italy’s G20 Presidency in 2021.

Read the policy brief here.

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