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Non-take-up of social support and the implications for social policies

This dissertation takes an important step in understanding the phenomenon of non-take-up of social support and what it means for contemporary social policies.

Mark Reijnders
17 June 2020
Leiden Repository

Even when sufficient services of social support are being offered, it is not self-evident that all individuals who are in need of help will actually use those services. Different types of problems and barriers may inhibit their help-seeking process.Despite its apparent universality, our fundamental understanding of this non-take-up of social support is limited. This is problematic because failure to understand and effectively address non-take-up leaves social needs unattended to and will lead to higher welfare costs.To better understand the ‘how and why’ of this non-take-up, this study analyzes the lived experiences and perceptions of potential welfare clients in the Dutch municipality of The Hague. It discusses what the implications of these findings are for social policies. What can be learned from the problems and barriers that potential welfare clients experience in their daily lives? Researchers, policymakers and practitioners who work in and around the social domain may all benefit from the insights of this study.


  • Prof.dr. J. De Vries (RUG)
  • Prof.dr. C.F. Van den Berg (RUG)
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