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Transitie tussen de Romeinse periode en de vroege middeleeuwen in een perifeer gelegen microregio van Noord-Francia

De Pagus Renensis van de 4de tot de 8ste eeuw na Chr.: Een archeologische synthese

H.E.A.P. Annaert
15 September 2022
The publication in Open Access

During the years 2001-2010 I got the opportunity to excavate an Early Medieval burial ground with 513 graves at Broechem (B, prov. of Antwerp). For the first time in Flanders modern excavation techniques and interdisciplinary post-excavation research were applied on a Merovingian cemetery. This approach tells us more about rituals, technical features, costume traditions etc., but also provides us with information regarding the socio-economic relations and the symbolic traditions. The geographic situation of Broechem in a remote area of Northern Gaul, on a loamy sand plateau enclosed by rivers, and the presence of multi-cultural objects in the grave goods, shed light on Early Medieval society. My research explores the meaning of this cemetery in this remote region by analyzing the material culture as a reflection of social and ideological life of this community in this transition period.

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