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The Patriot behind the pot

The Patriot behind the pot tells the story of pottery, people and politics in the Netherlands during a time of great revolutions -revolutions both in a political and industrial sense.

Wytze Stellingwerf
01 April 2019

A historical and archaeological study of ceramics, glassware and politics in the Dutch household of the Revolutionary Era 1780-1815

This study shows how in the late 18th century many Dutch people used a wide range of ceramics and glassware in their homes as media to convey their political stance in favour of, or against, the ruling House of Orange. Many of these political charged items, over 200 years old, have been preserved in museum collections. Sporadically, further fragments are retrieved from archaeological sites as well.

This book is integrally based on Wytze Stellingwerf's master's thesis.

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