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The Complete Archaeology of Greece

This book covers the story of Greece and its central role in our understanding of European civilization, from the Palaeolithic era (400,000 BP) to the early modern period (1950 AD).

Prof.dr. John Bintliff
01 January 2012

The Complete Archaeology of Greece provides, for the first time, a comprehensive overview of the story of Greece from the first hunter-gatherers up to the Modern era.

In 22 chapters and a introduction, John Bintliff surverys all phases of Greek Culture, including the tradional foci of the Classical Greek and the Bronze Ages, but also detailing its beginnings in the Greek Palaelithic (ca. 400,000 BP) up to the early modern period (1950 AD).

Each chronological period is fully explained with the latest discoveries and theories, and richly illustrated. The author focuses on developments during each succeeding period of growth and change in Greek society, the evolution of their material culture, settlements patterns in the rural as well as urban landscapes, and the significance of their symbolic or representational culture - the ways in which architecture, art, and even everyday objects can reveal the social order and lifeways of the ancient Greeks.

Bintliff features well-knows works of Greek art, architecture and ancient texts, but also integrates the newest archaeological discoveries, surveys, and excavations for a more comprehensive picture of the Greek past.

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