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Roman Republican Colonization

New perspectives from archaeology and ancient history

Tesse D. Stek and Jeremia Pelgrom
01 January 2015

Edited by Tesse D. Stek and Jeremia Pelgrom, is one of the outcomes of the Landscapes of Early Roman Colonization project (Free Competition NWO, Dr. T.D. Stek)

Roman colonization has been seen as a primary model for colonialism in more recent historical periods. The direct relevance of Roman colonization to wide-ranging historical interpretations and to the self-perception of modern nation-states and empires explains the continuing fascination exerted by Roman colonization. Trying to unravel the character and development of the key phase of Roman colonization in the Roman Republican period (5th-1st centuries BC) is therefore essential not only for ancient history and archaeology but also for a better understanding of the modern world. This volume brings together newly developing insights from a range of different academic disciplines. Combining new theoretical insights and new archaeological discoveries, the volume explores the productive interplay between different emerging research areas that are currently isolated, foregrounding new models and patterns of Roman imperial impact.

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