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Reading the Dental record

A dental anthropological approach to foodways, health and disease, and crafting in the pre-Columbian Caribbean.

Hayley L. Mickleburgh
01 January 2013

Reading the Dental Record investigates human foodways, health and disease, and certain (gender-related) craft activities in the pre-Columbian Caribbean archipelago, through integrated analyses of patterns of dental wear and pathology in a large number of skeletal remains from the region. Individuals, communities, and regional populations were physically affected by their foodways and cultural practices, leaving permanent traces on their teeth. Using a multi-disciplinary approach, which combines archaeological, bioarchaeological, ethnohistoric, and ethnographic data, as well as evidence from clinical dentistry this study has brought to light hitherto unexplored aspects of lifeways and cultural practices in the pre-Columbian Caribbean.

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