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Technology and Methodology for Archaeological Practice

Practical applications for the reconstruction of the past

Edited by Alexandra Figueiredo and Hans Kamermans
01 January 2009
Proceedings of the XV World Congress UISPP 37

Proceedings of the XV UISPP World Congress (Lisbon, 4-9 September 2006) / Actes du XV Congrès Mondial (Lisbonne, 4-9 Septembre 2006), Vol. 37, Session C04  

ISBN 9781407306063.


  1. 3D Analysis of Quartzite Industries, case study (Telmo Pereira, Vera Moitinho);
  2. 3D scanning and three-dimensional modelling: a new methodology applied to the study and conservation of paleolithic rock art. The examples of ‘Las Caldas’ cave (Priorio, Asturias) and ‘Peña de Candamo’ (San Román de Candamo, Asturias, Spain) (Mª Soledad Corchón; E. García; D. G. Aguilera; A. L. Muñoz; J. G. Lahoz; J. S. Herrero);
  3. Reconstructions of the past – How virtual can they be? (António José Mendes, Alexandrino Gonçalves, Fernando Silva);
  4. Epistemic commitments, virtual reality, and archaeological representation (Matt Ratto);
  5. Modelling early hominin behavioural ecology (Adam Newton);
  6. Transforming archaeological data between different geographical scales – a GIS application for the estimation of population density (Karl Peter Wendt, Andreas Zimmermann);
  7. Walkability analysis: A heuristic alternative method to pathway modelling (H.P. Blankholm);
  8. Piecing together the fragmented potsherd information: Data-collecting methodology for reconstruction of a past action (Makoto Tomii);
  9. GIS-based geomorphologycal models for prediction of the systems in prehistoric occupation (case-study of Obi-Rakhmat Rockshelter Vicinity, Western Tien-Shan) (I. S. Novikov);
  10. The Challenge of Archaeological Data Integration (Keith W. Kintigh);
  11. Historical and territorial analysis. A Contribution to the Study of the Defence of the City of Lisbon – The Peninsular Wars by (Helena Rua);
  12. Environmental Suitability and land use - a diachronic comparison (Andreas Zimmermann, Karl Peter Wendt);
  13. Advanced Methods for Dating (Léo Dubal);
  14. Time Drilling Through the Past of the Island of Crete (A. Sarris et al);
  15. ADABweb – Information System with Geo Web Services for the Cultural Heritage of Lower Saxony (Germany) (Otto Mathias Wilbertz);
  16. Organic remains from the Copper Age settlement of Ecser (Katalin Herbich, Róbert Patay).  
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