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Pottery in Hellenistic Alexandria

This publication brings together two contributions born of different intentions but which are both dedicated to Hellenistic pottery of the Alexandria region.

Cécile Harlaut, John W. Hayes
01 December 2018

The previously unpublished material presented herein comes from excavations conducted by the CEAlex in the centre of Alexandria on the sites of the former British Consulate and the Cricket Ground, and from excavations outside the city conducted by the Italian mission on Nelson’s Island (MAIA) and by the French team in the necropolis of Plinthine (MAFTP). In the first part we endeavour to define the dating and the manner of the birth of a ceramic industry within the new capital and its chora between the end of the 4th and the mid-3rd century bc, along with the nature of any imports. In the second part, a selection of assemblages in the ceramic material of the Cricket Ground has led to the establishment of a chronological sequence that marks out the 3rd and 2nd centuries bc in 25-year intervals and thus illustrates the evolution of Alexandrian features.

This volume has received the support of the Schiff Giorgini Foundation and is part of the output of the Leiden University NWO VICI project “Innovating objects”.

Associate researcher of the CEAlex, Cécile Harlaut, is today part of the VICI project “Innovating objects” directed by Professor Miguel John Versluys at the Faculty of Archaeology of Leiden University.

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