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Neolithisation of Northeastern Africa

Studies in Early Near Eastern Production, Subsistence, and Environment, vol.16. Edited by Noriyuki Shirai.

Noriyuki Shirai
01 May 2013

The transition to food producing economy and the associated changes in society and culture in the Early-Middle Holocene are called Neolithisation, and it first occurred in the Near East. Whereas the Neolithisation of the Near East has been thoroughly studied, the Neolithisation of northeastern Africa is still understudied even though Near Eastern influence on northeastern Africa is evident. 

This volume discusses the problematic concept of Neolithisation in the archaeology of northeastern Africa, and attempts to gain a better understanding of this event from different theoretical perspectives, while using archaeological, archaeobotanical, archaeozoological, genetic and geological evidence. 

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14 contributions, 256 pages, 62 figures, 15 tables 
Publisher: ex oriente, Berlin 
Publication date: May 2013  
ISBN: 978-3-944178-02-8 

Orders can be placed at  www.exoriente.org/bookshop 

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