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Met de voeten in het water

Publication on the excavations at Roman fort Matilo in Leiden

C.R. Brandenburgh, J. de Bruin, B. Jansen, M.J. Allen, R. Scaife, C. Langdon, A.J. Clapham, N. Cameron, J. Light, J. Koopman, R. Niemeijer, E. Bult, T. Vanderhoeven, G. Gazenbeek, C. van Driel-Murray, K. Hänninen, G. Gazenbeek, A. Muller, I. van der Jagt
11 April 2016
The publication in Open Access

Between 50 and 250 AD, a Roman fort was located in the south-eastern part of the modern city of Leiden. The fort, that was probably called Matilo, formed part of the Lower Rhine Frontier of the Rome Empire. Despite reports of archaeological finds from the early sixteenth century onwards and several years of extensive archaeological research in the twentieth century, the exact dimensions and lay-out of Leiden’s Roman fort remained unclear. In 2009, employees of the Municipality of Leiden and staff and students of the Faculty of Archaeology participated in a small excavation, resulting in the discovery of the plan of the fort, the dating of the various construction phases and evidence of the ongoing battle against flooding. In this new book (in Dutch), published by the Municipality of Leiden, the results of this excavation are presented.

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