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Leiden Journal of Pottery Studies 21

Leiden Journal of Pottery Studies 21, 2005

Abraham van As, Corinne L. Hofman, Gloria A. London, Miguel John Versluys
01 January 2005
  • Hendricus Jacobus Franken (1917-2005) (A. van As)
  • Clays collected. Towards an identification of source areas for clays used in the production of pre-Columbian pottery in the northern Lesser Antilles (C.L. Hofman, A.J.D. Isendoorn and M.A. Booden)
  • Golden Grove; a late-prehistoric ceramic complex of Tobago (A. Boomert)
  • Preliminary data on Vadastra pottery from Teleor 003, Teleorman River Valley, Southern Romania (A. van As, L. Jacobs and L. Thissen)
  • A white-ground lekythos from the Netherlands National Museum of Antiquities: the acquisition, conservation and experimental reconstruction of the manufacturing technique (R.B. Halbertsma, R. Dooijes, L. Jacobs and A. van As)
  • Experimental archaeology and prehistoric technology: an exploration into Neolithic pottery production in the Dakhleh oasis, south central Egypt (A. Jamieson and A. Warfe)
  • Arguments for and against stone cooking in early sixth millennium B.C. Southern Romania (A. van As, L. Jacobs and L. Thissen)
  • The Tell es-Sa'diyeh baking tray (M.E. Vilders)
  • The relationship between subsistence and pottery production areas: an ethnoarchaeological study in Jordan (N. Ali)
  • Current research (2005)
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