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Eine Analyse materieller Kultur römischer Kolonien in der Mikroregion von Suessa Aurunca, Minturnae und Sinuessa

L.C. Götz
15 December 2020
Leiden Repository

In the liminal area of southern Latium and northern Campania Rome founded three neighbouring colonies with different citizenship status in the 4th-3rd c. BC. The dissertation re-examines the historical and archaeological sources within this micro-region and focuses on local-regional characteristics and pre-Roman structures that influenced the colonies. Thereby, this research argues for a local colonial material culture and discusses the impact of cultural and economic factors on the colonial foundations. These support their multi-layered integration into supra-regional trade and production networks as well as spatial and individual connectivity in late Republican times. In contrary to traditional conceptions limited to citizenship status and military purpose, this research emphasizes the heterogenous socio-political, economic, religious, and cultural developments of the colonies.

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