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Architectural terracottas from Akragas

Archaic and Classical architectural terracottas constituted an integral part of the architecture of monumental buildings at Akragas. These objects therefore provide unique insights into the built environment of sanctuaries at this important Greek colony in Sicily. This research's multi-disciplinary approach to the material allows for the creation of a revised typology, which takes into account stylistic characteristics, fabric, production techniques, material composition, and architectural context.

A. Rheeder
03 April 2019
Dissertation in Open Access

Investigating monumental roofs from the Archaic and Classical period

The investigation is based on original analyses and documentation of over 250 fragments, of which a significant number was previously unpublished. By approaching these objects as complex architectural elements, and not just as decorative roof edges, a more nuanced image of local production is revealed.

While the terracotta roofs from Akragas demonstrate a proficiency in regional stylistic and technical conventions, a number of adaptations is used in the decoration, profile and production techniques, which changes throughout different time periods. By investigating the required technical knowledge and the use of a local technical style, this research has gained new insights into the organization of local production and the distribution of architectural innovations.

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