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APL 2 - Collection of Papers

Analecta Praehistorica Leidensia is the annual journal of the Faculty of Archaeology (formerly the Institute of Prehistory), Leiden University.

P.J.R. Modderman
01 January 1971
Sidestone Press


  • P.J.R. MODDERMAN: Linienbandkeramische Bauten aus Hien-heim, Ldkr. Kclhcim
  • G.J. VERWERS: A Tumulus and an Urnfield at Meerlo, Prov. Limburg
  • P.J.R. MODDERMAN & L.P. LOUWE KOOIJMANS: The Heibloem. A Cemetery from the Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age between Veldhoven and Steensel, Prov. Noord-Brabant
  • G.J. VERWERS: Tumuli at the Zevenbergen near Oss, Gem. Berghem, Prov. Noord-Brabant
  • G.J. VERWERS: A Late Bronze Age/ Early Iron Age Urnfield at Goirlc, Prov. Noord-Brabant
  • G.J. VERWERS: Non-circular Monuments in the Southern Dutch Urnfields
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