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A timeless vale

Archaeological and related essays on the Jordan Valley in honour of Gerrit van der Kooij on the occasion of his sixty-fifth birthday

Eva Kaptijn and Lucas Petit
01 January 2009
A timeless vale


The Jordan Valley was and still is a place of many different facets: a barrier as well as a demographic centre, a steppe region as well as a fertile agricultural zone, and a region with a mix of different ethnic groups, cultures and ideas. The area forms a rich source of information for scholars of various disciplines and with different academic backgrounds.

The chapters are chronologically and topically diverse and cover such varied themes as

  • an overview of Dutch cultural and archaeological activities in Jordan during the last fifty years (Raouf Sa’d Abujaber),
  • historical reports of the Zerqa Triangle (Eva Kaptijn),
  • the palaeoecology of the Hula area (Willem van Zeist, Uri Baruch and Sytze Bottema), K
  • hirbet Kerak Ware found at Jericho (Lorenzo Nigro),
  • the Jordan Valley during the Early Bronze Age (Moawiyah M. Ibrahim),
  • agrarian settlement and interaction during the Bronze Age (Steven E. Falconer and Patricia L. Fall),
  • textile production at Tell ’Abū al-Kharāz (Peter M. Fischer),
  • clay tablets of Tell Deir ‘Allā (Zeidan A. Kafafi),
  • a shrine model from Tel Kinrot (Martti Nissinen and Stefan Münger),
  • an anthropomorphic statue from Tell Dāmiyah (Lucas P. Petit),
  • metallurgical excavations at Tell Hammeh and Tel Beth-Shemesh (H. Alexander Veldhuijzen),
  • the Persian period at Tell Deir ‘Allā (Niels C.F. Groot),
  • and sugar production in Jericho during the Ayyubid and Mamluk periods (Hamdan Taha).
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