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ALICE High Performance Computing facility

High Performance Computing (HPC) is becoming ever more important as a research tool in many research areas across all research domains. A University facility, providing serious computational capabilities, combined with easy and flexible local access, is a strong advantage for these research areas. It also provides a platform for students and staff to gain experience in HPC. ALICE is the High Performance Computing facility that answers those needs.
ALICE is the High Performance Computing facility of Leiden University and the Leiden University Medical Center. It is available to all researchers from both the university and the LUMC in addition to some external partners.
Erik Deul

ALICE HPC Facility

The ALICE facility is a second phase edition of what is conceived as a larger Hybrid High Performance Computing Facility for research that exceeds the capabilities of what individual institutes can build. It will provide a stepping stone to the larger national facilities. For details on the current and future configuration of ALICE, please visit our wiki pages.

The facility is intended as a system that is easy to access and easy to use with extensive local support at all levels of expertise. This includes dedicated support staff with a quick response time, extensive user documentation, different ways of interacting with the cluster, regular user meetings and workshops. As such, ALICE is suitable for individual users, research groups and courses. ALICE is designed to cater to a diverse group of users in all aspects of computing, namely:  CPU-intensive applications and/or GPU-intensive applications, as well as applications with large memory requirements and/or large data storage requirements.

ALICE provides not only sophisticated computing resources, but it is also a tool for education, allowing students and staff to train in all aspects of High Performance Computing. It is a learning platform for researchers to prepare themselves for national and international High Performance Computing.

For more technical and practical information read the ALICE wiki pages.



See also the ALICE Leiden Computer Cluster for more information.

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