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'Turkey. A Modern History' now in nine languages

The book on Turkey. A Modern History written by Professor Erik-Jan Zürcher, Professor of Turkish Studies, is now available in nine different languages. Arabic and Polish versions have now been published.

Zürcher's book was first published in 1993 and since then has since become available in Dutch, Turkish, Greek, Italian, Hebrew, Indonesian and - this month - Arabic and Polish. The Turkish edition is now on its 40th edition. An Albanian translation is being prepared.

Turkey. A Modern History

Turkey is a special country: a regional power between three potential troublespots (the Middle East, the Balkans and central Asia). It is itself also a potential troublespot with rising fundamentalism, a guerilla war in the Kurdish provinces and and its own precarious form of democracy.  A country that still has to decide its attitude towards the West. At the same time it is a country with which we in the west and the Netherlands in particular have a lot of contact, as NATO member, home country of hundreds of thousands of immigrants and as a  tourist destination. The book deals with Turkish history from the Ottoman period in the 19th century up to 1995.

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