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Prof. dr. Sarah A. Cramsey Delivers her inaugural lecture "Care, Children and the Other Holocaust"

On Friday June 7, 2024, Sarah Cramsey delivered her inaugural lecture entitled "Care, Children and the Other Holocaust" in front of more than 80 professors, staff members, students and guests in the Groot Auditorium at Leiden University.

The lecture drew on Cramsey's new research which theorizes care and especially early childcare as historical concepts that illuminate the human past.  In the inaugural lecture, Cramsey drew on her expertise about the Holocaust in central and eastern Europe to explore the work of Polish Jewish caregivers in the Warsaw Ghetto, Auschwitz-Birkenau and the Soviet Union in the 1940s. Cramsey argued that the Nazis weaponized care during the Holocaust, that caretaking infused the majority experience of Jewish victims exterminated upon arrival at Birkenau and that Polish Jews drastically created and expanded their families during their wartime exile in the Soviet Union. The research presented in Cramsey's Oratie forms part of her new book The Other Holocaust: Care, Children and the Jewish Catastrophe which is under advance contract with Indiana University Press.

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