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Good party? Good cause

A leaving do, birthday or other celebration? Many people like to ask for a donation to a good cause for their birthday or anniversary present. Leiden research can be one such cause.

‘I still got flowers though’

Professor of Scientometrics Paul Wouters retired at the end of last year. At his leaving do as Dean of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, he decided to raise money for the LUF Scholars at Risk fund.

‘My guests donated generously to my SteunLeiden.nl page. I’m really pleased with the result, about 7,000 euros. It was also about raising awareness. Researchers and lecturers in some parts of the world cannot do their work unhindered. For me, the way a society handles knowledge is a measure of its quality. You don’t necessarily discuss topics like that over a bunch of flowers − although I did still get flowers. But for me, the gift was supporting scholars who have fled a war zone or experienced discrimination.’

‘What do you give someone when they turn 90? Not another shawl!’

Law alumna Annette Bosscher recently celebrated her 90th birthday. She asked for a donation to the LUF’s H.L. Wesseling Fund to mark the occasion. This fund supports Europe-related student initiatives.

‘As a guest, I like to contribute to something that the person likes. What do you give someone when they turn 90? Not another shawl. I spent my whole career working at the EU so I know how important it is that people are familiar with European law. And everyone likes to contribute to training new students. I myself graduated in 1958 when European law did not yet exist: the EU’s predecessor had just begun. Professor Cleveringa was at my oral examination by the way. I spoke about that at the Cleveringa Meeting in Brussels last year.’

Do you have something to celebrate? And would you like your gift to go towards Leiden's research and teaching? Please contact Corinda van Bohemen (c.m.van.bohemen@luf.leidenuniv.nlfor more information about your own campaign page on SteunLeiden.nl.

This article previously appeared in Leidraad alumni magazine.

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