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Past ❤ Play: Ammodo Science Award 2024

A team of Leiden researchers has received the Ammodo Science Award for conducting innovative humanities research into the experience of cultural heritage. They investigate how 'play', such as the video game Minecraft, can contribute to a deeper understanding of the past.

The Past ❤ Play project receives 800,000 euros by winning the Ammodo Science Award. This award is presented by Ammodo (a foundation for art and science) for groundbreaking research. The prize consists of a monetary award of 1,600,000 euros for each of the scientific domains Natural Sciences and Biomedical Sciences and a monetary award of 800,000 euros for each of the scientific domains Humanities and Social Sciences. The teams can use the money in the coming years to explore new areas of research. Watch the interview with the researchers behind this groundbreaking study below.

Past ❤ Play | Ammodo Science Award 2024

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