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Leiden conference seeks out emerging trends in global governance

Global challenges require global governance answers. That’s why on 5 - 7 June, the interdisciplinary research programme Global Transformations and Governance Challenges (GTGC) has chosen the theme 'Emerging Trends in Global Governance' for its annual conference. Researchers, students and practitioners are warmly invited to attend.

Global-scale problems demand global-scale policy responses. Today’s key societal transformations (e.g. around culture, ecology, economics, geopolitics, health, inequality, migration, and technology) are substantially global in character, yet the availability and quality of global governance generally lags well behind the challenges. These circumstances urgently require innovative thinking and creative politics. That’s why the interdisciplinary research programme Global Transformations and Governance Challenges seeks answers to these problems during its annual conference.

Are you a researcher, student or practitioner? This conference is just the thing for you, because:

  • Latest research insights available: the conference brings the most recent knowledge on global governance and policy.
  • Discussions on policy implications: the conference offers rich and varied academic research-policy exchange with practitioners.
  • Networking opportunities: the conference provides an exceptional platform for networking with scholars and practitioners from all world regions and across the academic spectrum

When: 5 - 7 June 2024

Where: Leiden University Campus The Hague, multiple locations

More information and registration

Impression conference 2023

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