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Ben Van Rompuy speaks at event organised by Dutch Competition Law Association

On 10 January, Ben Van Rompuy spoke at the New Year's meeting of the Dutch Competition Law Association in Amsterdam.

The theme of the meeting, 'competition in sport', was selected following three landmark rulings delivered by the Court of Justice on 21 December 2023 in the cases of the European Super League Company (Case C-333/21), International Skating Union v. Commission (Case C-142/21 P) and Royal Antwerp Football Club (Case C-680/21).

Van Rompuy, Assistant Professor of EU Competition Law, discussed the rulings with two other panelists: Benoît Keane (lawyer specialising in European sports law who represented UEFA in the cases) and Dr Timo Klein (Senior Consultant at Oxera Consulting LLP and Assistant Professor of Competition Economics at Utrecht University).

The discussion focused on the various implications of the rulings for the monopoly position of sports associations and their regulatory role, as well as for the broader application of EU competition law in other sectors.

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