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Kohei Suzuki receives Kenneth J. Meier Award from the Midwest Political Science Association

Kohei Suzuki, Assistant Professor at the Institute of Public Administration, has received the Kenneth J. Meier Award for his paper ‘Politicisation, Bureaucratic Closedness in Personnel Policy and Turnover Intention’. The Midwest Political Science Association (MPSA) annually rewards outstanding research presented at their conference.

Together with co-author Hyunkang Hur from Indiana University, Suzuki presented the paper at the MPSA annual conference 2023. The article was later published in the journal 'Governance'The MPSA awards the Kenneth J. Meier Award for the best paper in bureaucratic politics, public administration, or public policy. Nominations are made by conference chairs, discussants, and section heads after the conference and award committees select the winning papers. At the next annual conference in 2024, both Suzuki and Hur will receive the award during the MPSA Business Meeting and Award Ceremony.

Valuable research

The paper was recommended for the award because it delves into the widely studied topic of turnover in public management, adopting a macro and international comparative perspective. While turnover intention has been extensively examined by public management scholars, the exploration of political and institutional factors has been relatively neglected. By bridging the disciplines of political science and public management literature, the authors contribute to the existing body of knowledge and offer valuable insights in the intriguing relationship between politicization and low turnover intention.

Image: UX Indonesia

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