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EIC Pathfinder Challenge grant for research into autoreactive B cells in cardiovascular disease

At the division of BioTherapeutics, Amanda Foks, Bram Slütter and Ilze Bot have obtained a €4 million research grant from the HORIZON 2022 EIC Pathfinder Challenge “Cardiogenomics”, entitled “B-specific: B-cell related gene and protein markers with prognostic and therapeutic value for CVD”.

Together with colleagues from Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Italy and the Erasmus MC in the Netherlands, the B-specific consortium will investigate the prognostic and therapeutic value of B-cell subsets and potential autoantigens in cardiovascular disease in a 4-year project. The consortium is led by the LACDR, with Amanda Foks as coordinator of the full program. The program will start in October 2023 with a kick-off meeting organized in Leiden. More information will follow soon! 

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