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Leiden math trail renewed

Updated walking instructions, and refreshed texts and questions. After six years, the Leiden math trail has been revamped. From high school students to mathematicians: everyone can walk the route to their heart's content again.

The walk is open to any math enthusiasts. ‘It is based on the curriculum of high school students, but accessible to a wider audience. So we walk past historical highlights of Leiden, and along the way we make puzzles and think about math issues,’ says Francien Bossema, Science Communication & Society alumni. She developed the route together with fellow alumni Charlotte Zwetsloot and researcher Ionica Smeets.

Ionica Smeets (left) and Francien Bossema (right) during a test walk.

Make your own math trial

Besides a math guide through Leiden, the trio also wrote a chapter in the book Handbook of Mathematical Science Communication, which was recently published. In it, they describe how the math trial came about. ‘For example, we show how we tried to make the walk attractive to a wider audience. And how we incorporated feedback from students and teachers,’ Bossema says. In addition, the handbook offers guidelines for developing a maths walk. ‘With these tips, anyone can get started themselves!’

Develop or walk

Feel free to walk the trail, or order the book to learn more about the background of the walk.

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