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Update development of the new joint Platform for Arts Research in Collaboration (PARC)

In 2021, the KABK, KC and ACPA established a joint research platform, called the Platform for Arts Research in Collaboration (PARC). How did PARC move forward the last year?

PARC is an online and offline platform for researchers working in and beyond the fields Art, Design and Music to exchange knowledge, experiences, and public events, stimulate collaboration and increase the visibility of research processes in and with the arts. Through PARC, we also hope to strengthen our own collaboration between the three institutions. 

We would like to inform you about the launch of the digital platform researchplatform.art and the connection to the Research Catalogue, the upcoming Arts Research Festival on 27th of October 2023, the outcome of the Interdisciplinary Research Group, the current joint working process on the Branch Protocol on Quality Assurance in Research, some other plans for 2023 and how you can connect to PARC. 

Read the entire news message here. 

Photo: Thalia Hoffman - Safa Kadah

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