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Conference on Children’s Rights and Migration

Stichting Migratierecht Nederland and the Europa Institute of Leiden University are jointly organising the conference ‘Children’s Rights and Migration’ that will take place in Leiden on 26 January 2023. Researchers, lawyers, judges, policy makers and other professionals from migration legal practice and related fields will come together to talk about and discuss migration legal topics related to children’s rights.

On the agenda are topics such as the role and value of the Children’s Rights Committee of the UN, the importance of monitoring children’s rights for legal practice, and children’s rights of migrants in a tight corner. A panel made up of the Ombudsman for children, a judge, representatives of the UNHCR and Defence for Children, and the Director of the IND will enter into discussions with participants about the bottlenecks between policy and legal practice, and possible solutions. In eight work groups specific topics will also be highlighted, ranging from child protection and stay, nationality law and the age review, to undocumented minors, AMVs, and the ruling in Chávez Vilchez and the importance of the child.

More information on the programme and registration (in Dutch).


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