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Three Leiden scientists win IFCS Cluster Benchmarking Challenge

At the International Federation of Classification Societies (IFCS) conference 2022 in Porto, psychologists Tom Wilderjans, Jeffrey Durieux and Julian Rossbroich won the IFCS Cluster Benchmarking Challenge. They wrote the best paper on benchmarking and were awarded with an official plaque and book voucher from publisher Chapman & Hall/CRC.

New methods for the pre-processing, analysis and post-processing of data are released every year. Careful attention to benchmarking (comparison of analysis methods) is of great importance in order to achieve a cumulative building of knowledge on clustering and classification. Therefore, these new methods must be extensively and carefully compared with existing alternatives. The IFCS Cluster Benchmarking Challenge was created to update and merge recent information about benchmarking in the clustering and classification of data, into a clear overview.

White paper on benchmarking in cluster analysis

The IFCS Cluster Benchmarking Challenge called for authors who have written a published or accepted benchmarking paper cluster analysis after January 1, 2019, to submit their paper. With the contribution of these papers, the Cluster Benchmarking Task Force wrote a white paper that covers the theoretical and conceptual underpinnings of benchmarking in cluster analysis, and identifies some practicalities for conducting sound benchmarking studies.

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