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Support the Ukrainian and Russian students in Leiden and The Hague

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has also had dramatic consequences for Ukrainian students at Leiden University. Besides their intense concern about the fate of family and friends, they also face major financial problems. This also applies to Russian students who can no longer access their bank accounts. Support all these students through the LUF’s Emergency Fund.

The disastrous war in Ukraine has had a huge impact on Ukrainian and Russian students who are studying abroad. This academic year 35 Ukrainian and 80 Russian students are studying at Leiden University. With the war, their lives changed overnight says Deputy Head of Student Support Services Rozemarijn Wegert. ‘The Ukrainian students are really upset and worried about their family and friends. They can’t go back to their own country now either. And they are facing financial problems because many of their parents are fleeing and can no longer transfer money.’  

Solidarity from the academic community

Putin’s war also has major consequences for the Russian students here, says Wegert. ‘Tensions are rising in their homeland and they are facing financial problems since Russia was disconnected from Swift.’ This means they can no longer access their Russian bank accounts and their family can no longer transfer money to them. To help all these students, the Leiden University Fund (LUF) has launched a crowdfunding campaign for an Emergency Fund that will contribute to emergency financial assistance, study progress and residence status. LUF Director Lilian Visscher is hoping for a big response from the academic community: ‘We feel a responsibility towards all affected students, regardless of their origin or nationality. Students from Ukraine and Russia who are studying at Leiden University can count on our support. Donate and help these students who are also victims of this terrible war.’

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Are you a Ukrainian or Russian student and do you need help? The student counsellors at Leiden University are there for you. 

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