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Melanie Fink speaks on automation in the EU at conference on law and ethics of AI

The Asser Institute organised an interdisciplinary conference on ‘Law and ethics of artificial intelligence in the public sector: From principles to practice and policy’ that took place from 10 to 11 March 2022. Melanie Fink presented a paper co-authored with Michèle Finck.

The conference addressed the multiple challenges raised by the increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the public sector with the aim of fostering an interdisciplinary dialogue to generate insights on the principles, conditions, and methods that would allow to responsibly deploy AI in the public sphere.

The two-day programme included speakers from a range of fields, covering inter alia administrative law, regulation, accountability, data protection, and ethics. Melanie Fink presented a paper co-authored with Michèle Finck, Professor of Law and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Tübingen. Their paper ‘Reasoned A(I)dministration: Explanation Requirements in EU Law and the Automation of Public Administration’ looks at the role of the duty to give reasons to meaningfully control the EU administration when it relies on AI systems to inform their decision-making and the added value of secondary law, in particular data protection law and the draft EU Artificial Intelligence Act, in this respect. They argue that the duty to give reasons provides a useful starting point, but leaves a number of aspects unclear. Neither EU data protection law nor the AIA currently fill these gaps.

The final paper will be published later this year.

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