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Bart Krans receives Senior Teaching Qualification (SKO)

On 27 January 2022, fifteen dedicated lecturers at Leiden University received the Senior Teaching Qualification (SKO). They included Bart Krans, Professor of Private Law and Civil Procedure.


The SKO is a qualification for senior lecturers who play a leading role in the University’s educational development and innovation, going beyond their own discipline.  To achieve the qualification, lecturers are required to put together a portfolio which demonstrates that the final learning objectives have been achieved. These relate to four themes:

  1. Conduct within the academic teaching environment;
  2. Creating and elaborating a didactic programme with a view to the context of a curriculum;
  3. Preparing and providing teaching;
  4. Impact on education within one of more degree programmes that extends beyond one’s own teaching programme. 

In addition, the lecturer must already have been awarded the Basic Teaching Qualification (BKO), have at least 5 years’ teaching experience at university level, have taught in various courses in different academic years and have applied a variety of educational methods. In addition to this, the lecturer must be able to demonstrate they he/she has recently developed initiatives and made contributions that have an educational impact within one or more degree programmes, transcending their own course or discipline. Read more about the Senior Teaching Qualification (SKO) here.

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