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Giant photos of Leiden researchers on Achmea building

Gigantic photos of 25 Leideners who have meant a lot for the city and the world have recently been hung on the Achmea building by Leiden Centraal station. These include several Leiden researchers.

The photos are part of ‘De Stijl van de Stad’, which is the initiative of Fons Verheijen, the Achmea building’s architect. The portraits were taken by photographer and designer Rob Overmeer. The 25 people in the portraits represent a wide range of disciplines in which they excel and have contributed to the city and the world.

With 12 researchers, Leiden University is well represented in the photos. They are: Korea expert Remco Breuker, legal expert Tineke Cleiren, legal historian Elsemieke Daalder, astronomer Ewine van Dishoeck, health psychologist Andrea Evers, historian Karwan Fatah-Black, biologist Auke-Florian Hiemstra, astronomer Vincen Icke, immunologist Sjaak Neefjes, mathematician Ionica Smeets, KNAW president Ineke Sluiter and immunologist Maria Yazdanbakhsh.

Photos: Monique Shaw

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