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Dr Vasiliki Kosta speaks at the Global Forum on Democratizing Work on 6 October 2021

Dr. Kosta presented at the Global Forum on Democratizing Work.

She participated in the panel on ‘Democratizing Work in Academia too! Overview of the Situation in Some European Countries’, which focused on democratic governance of public Universities across Europe. Given that governance structures on public Universities vary widely across Europe the aim was to present different frameworks and discuss dimensions particularly relevant from the perspective of its democratizing potential.

Further panellists were Dr Stéphanie Mignot (IRG, UPEC); Dr Alvin Panjet (IRG, UPEC); Verdiana Bandini (Bologna University); Marco degli Esposti (Bologna University). The panel was chaired by Dr Roberto Frega (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique).  

More information about the Global Forum on Democratizing Work can be found here.

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