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Students kick-off next construction phase of new Gorlaeus building

And the construction has started! Students of the Leiden Science study associations ceremoniously hammered down the first poles of the new Gorlaeus on Tuesday morning. By doing so, they initiated the second phase of the construction of the second part of the new building.

During a festive meeting, Dean Paul Wouters spoke to various guests. They all agreed: this will be a special building. First of all, special in size. With the new Gorlaeus Building, the Faculty of Science will gain an area of almost 100,000 m2,

Michel Leenders, director of the University real estate company, explains that this is the largest building project the University has had in recent decades. ; A lot of preparation went into this. We have been working on the building for about ten years.’

Students have a starring role at the start of construction

Connection between companies and organisations

The Gorlaeus Building will soon be in the heart of Leiden Bio Science Park (LBSP). Ida Haisma is the director of the LBSP foundation and calls the start of the construction a real milestone. ‘At the Bio Science Park, the connection between companies and organisations is becoming increasingly important. This building embodies that. People can meet and inspire each other here.’

Architects Hans Toornstra and Ad van Aert of architectural firm Inbo | JHK explain the complexity of the assignment. ‘That's because of the size of the building. And because all the different functions will be housed under one roof.’

Fronts doors connect to the central hall

The theme for this building is "meeting each other", a very current topic that has become even more important due to Corona. We all feel the need to meet each other in real life. So each institute has its own wing with a "front door" that opens into the central hall. The perfect meeting place.

Arcade connects the disciplines

With phase 2A, the Gorlaeus Building will finally get its own entrance. It opens onto the central square under the arcade. The arcade is striking and will soon give recognition to the Faculty. It represents a voronoi, a mathematical diagram that can be found in all fields of study of the faculty. What does it look like? Think of a soap bubble structure, which is a good example of a voronoi.

‘We have to connect the people and the building’

The interior of the new building is also already being contemplated. Interior designer Odette Ex emphasises that it is very important that you feel good in a building. People have to feel comfortable and be able to meet each other. That is why there will be a bar, a library and a beautiful entrance. But the colours, curves and movement in the building are also important. We have to connect the people and the building.’

First below ground

So the construction has started. That does not mean that you will see anything right away. From April onwards, we will start to see things,' says Ramon Janssen of Heijmans construction company. We will first start work below ground. There is almost as much under ground as above. There will be 500 kilometres of cables and 13 kilometres of poles. He emphasises that an enormous amount of expertise is involved in the construction of this building. A total of 300 people are working on it.

How do we use the building in the near future?

Tessel Linders and her Housing department are involved on behalf of the Faculty. They think about how we will use the building. Special working groups have been set up to think about the layout of offices, laboratories and teaching rooms.

Students were also involved. Assessor Joost Barendse appreciates that enormously. ‘We were very pleased that we were allowed to think about the layout of study places and association rooms. And about the bar, of course. Very important.’

Of course, such a large building project does not go unnoticed. How will that affect us? Tessel Linders hopes as little as possible. Employees can go to the Service Desk with questions or comments. And would you like to know what is happening? Then download the Heijmans BouwApp and follow the activities of the new Science Campus Phase 2A. Spectacle guaranteed.

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