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Introducing the new coordinator of the Humanities Buddy Programme!

For many new international students, moving to the Netherlands and getting used to Dutch culture and customs can be quite challenging. Luckily the Humanities Buddy Programme is here to help! The new coordinator of the programme, Bob van der Horst, will introduce himself and explain more about the buddy system.

Bob van der Horst
Bob van der Horst

Could you introduce yourself?

'Hi! I am Bob van der Horst, this year's Master's Buddy Programme Coordinator for the faculty of Humanities. I have been studying at Leiden University as a student of the Bachelor English Language and Culture, and I am now pursuing my Masters in English Literature and Culture. I also spent a year studying abroad at the University of Hull as an international student through the Harting Scheme.'

'During my time in Hull, I experienced the same feelings of cluelessness that many students studying in a foreign environment may have. When I learned of the Humanities Buddy Programme needing a new coordinator, I knew that this was a change for me to help incoming international students during their stay at Leiden University, just as I was supported during my stay in Hull. I am very excited to be a part of the Humanities Buddy Programme and help international master students finding their way through Leiden's student life!'

What is the Humanities Buddy Programme?

'The Humanities Buddy Programme is a university initiative to make incoming international master students feel welcome and supported throughout their stay. We believe that finding one's way around a foreign university, city and country may be especially challenging for master students already used to their home university.'

'To help support these international master students, we appoint them a Dutch or experienced international student as their Buddy, their go-to person for questions and problems that may arise from their daily student life. Our Buddies will support multiple students in their Buddy groups, and these groups may well evolve into one or more close friend groups!'

'Furthermore, the Humanities Buddy Programme organises monthly events to enjoy with your Buddy group and fellow international students. In the last years we have organised museum visits, boat tours, online games nights, drinks, typical Dutch outing, workshops and much more. This year we are hoping to organise many fun and interesting activities in person once again, including our upcoming Welcome Event (9th and 10th of September) and Leiden Boat Tour (TBD)!'

How can I apply?

  • If you are an international master student at the faculty of Humanities and you would like to be supported by the Humanities Buddy programme, you can sign up through the "get a Buddy" digital signup form.
  • If you are a Dutch humanities master student or international humanities master student with some experience studying at Leiden university and you would like to apply as a Buddy for our programme,  you can sign up through the "become a Buddy" digital signup form. 

Interested? Find out more on the Humanities Buddy Programme website!

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