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Collaboration BSc Security Studies and the Royal Netherlands Air Force

Interested in an internship at the Dutch Ministry of Defence? Good news! Leiden University and the Royal Netherlands Air Force have formalized their cooperation to offer students an unique opportunity to conduct an internship at an active military base in Woensdrecht, the Netherlands.

The Royal Netherlands Air Force offers students of various backgrounds the chance to work at Woensdrecht Air Base at the department of ‘Fundamentele Voorlichting’ (FuVo).

The internship

Offering classroom education to air force cadets is part of the internship. Topics taught by the student include Dutch defence policy, the Dutch defence organization, airpower, military history, and international organizations such as NATO and the EU. In addition, the student gets to develop and organize battlefield tours. Because this internship is worth 15 EC, the students will have to conduct research during the internship period. In coordination with the air force and the university, the student can choose to conduct research on a topic in the realm of defence and air warfare.

Screening process

Students who want to apply for the internship need to send their CV and a motivation letter to the address found below. Because a significant portion of your work at the air force will revolve around classroom education, strong didactical and communicative skills are required. A strong analytical background is needed on various levels to perform classroom education and academic research. This internship is intended for Dutch-speaking students who are in the final year of their bachelor’s degree or students who have started their Masters. When applicants pass the first stage of selection, a mandatory screening by the Military Intelligence and Security Service (MIVD) is required before the student can start.

Expand your skills, knowledge and network

Conducting an internship for the Royal Netherlands Air Force during your time as a bachelor student will provide you with the unique opportunity to work with and learn from professionals from the field of security and defence. In addition, the student will get to experience life at an active military base and take a front seat in discovering the inner workings of the Dutch ministry of defence.


Send you CV and motivation letter to Captain Rob Kuijer.

Cpt. R. Kuijer - Project Leader FuVo

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