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Vasiliki Kosta, Assistant Professor of European Law received a Vidi grant

The Vidi grant is for experienced researchers who have already spent several years doing postdoctoral research.

Together with the Veni and Vici grants, the Vidi is part of the NWO Talent Programme, which aims to stimulate curiosity-driven, innovative research. A total of 78 researchers have been awarded a Vidi this year. Below you can find more on Dr. Kosta’s  research.

The EU fundamental right to ‘freedom of the arts and sciences’: exploring the limits on the commercialisation of academia :

Universities increasingly act like enterprises competing on the market, are managed like corporations and are understood to serve politico-economic interests. The Covid-19 crisis may amplify that. In this project Kosta will determine the content of the EU fundamental right to ‘freedom of the arts and sciences’ to test this development’s legality.

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