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59th Leiden-London Meeting

On Friday 18 June 2021, Leiden University virtually hosted the 59th Leiden-London Meeting, on the EU’s next institutional Reform. It was organised by Alison McDonnell, Managing Editor of the Common Market Law Review, together with members of the Editorial Board.

Speakers and guests debated how far a decade of crises and the Union’s responses have transformed the institutional framework envisaged by the post-Lisbon Treaties in new and problematic ways.

The event consisted of 4 Panels. The speakers in Panel 1 were Brigid Laffan and Bruno de Witte, who respectively reflected on the overall dynamics of institutional evolution, and the legacies of 'crises' in Union governance.

The speakers for Panel 2 were Paivi Leino and Wolfgang Wessels, who looked at the role of the institutions, especially the European Council, which has continued to gain power, possibly altering the wider institutional balance.

Panel 3 was on Influence, Scrutiny and Accountability; Daniel Sarmiento analysed the Court’s role in developments concerning the institutional balance; and Diane Fromage, questioned which other actors could be involved in Union policymaking.

In Panel 4, the problem of  “Rogue Member States” within the institutional framework was set out by Kim Lane Scheppele; Halvard Fredriksen added an external dimension, giving a view from Norway.

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