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Christa Tobler in the media about Brexit and Switzerland

In the days following Christmas, Christa Tobler gave a series of interviews to Swiss newspapers and Swiss radio about the new Trade and Cooperation Agreement between the EU and the UK and about what it might mean for Switzerland-EU relations and the draft EU-Swiss institutional framework agreement.

The most frequently asked question concerned the dispute settlement mechanism in the EU-UK agreement, which does without the ECJ. Conservative-minded circles in Switzerland, in particular, would like to see the same for the legal relationship between Switzerland and the EU, but overlook the fundamental differences between the two systems.

The most important media appearance was a half-hour interview on Swiss radio: "Christa Tobler: Der Brexit-Deal als Vorbild für die Schweiz?", Radio srf Tagesgespräch, 29.12.2o2o. You can listen to the interview here

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