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Melanie Fink on Frontex and Access to Justice

On 6-8 and 10-13 November 2020, the Network for Migration Law (Netzwerk Migrationsrecht) organised their 14th annual conference on the topic of ‘law at the border’.

Together with Maximilian Pichl, University of Kassel, Melanie gave a Workshop on Frontex that took place online on the second conference day. Max and Melanie covered Frontex’s development and its search and rescue obligations, arguing that Frontex’s extensive surveillance of certain areas of the sea has implications for its duties to provide search and rescue. They then focussed on the question of access to justice, using the recently published investigation into Frontex’s human rights compliance at the Greek-Turkish border as a case study. On that basis, they discussed the structural problems in holding Frontex to account, especially for individual applicants. 

Please find more information about the Network for Migration Law here and about the conference here

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