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Michiel van Elk in The New York Times on the effect of microdosing for mental health

Scientists are split over whether the benefits some microdosers experience are a placebo effect or something more. Michiel van Elk talks about his research and the effects of psychedelics, in the New York Times, as noticed by the BDNews24.com.


More people are microdosing for mental health. But does it work?


'The awarded grant not only increases the credibility of psychedelic research, it also lays the groundwork for the psychedelic field to flourish in years to come.'
Professor Michiel van Elk Awarded More Than $970,000 Grant to Study Psychedelics (December 15th)

Michiel van Elk is a Dutch cognitive neuroscientist who focusses his research on the effects psychedelics and the psychology of religion. He is interested in the altered states of consciousness (ASCs), as induced through meditation, sensory deprivation, psychedelics and other means.

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Van Elk won the Vidi-grant for his research on the effects of psychedelics. 'It's the first time in history that the Dutch government has made public resources available for this kind of research', says the neuroscientist. The reason? 'Because it creates opportunities. The current means against depression and anxiety-disorders are only mildly effective.'

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