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First PhD Symposium Institutions for Conflict Resolution

Leiden University kicked off the first PhD Symposium ‘Institutions for Conflict Resolution’ (COI). COI is a nation-wide partnership that serves to implement the Dutch Legal Sector Plan (2019 – 2024). This partnership aims to preserve the authority and legitimacy of government institutions and the judiciary, despite fragmentation and polarisation of the political landscape.


Miranda Boone welcomed eighteen PhD researchers and one postdoc researcher from Leiden University, Utrecht University and Radboud University. The researchers went on to discuss their research and the methods they seek to employ. Afterwards, they debated the questions that need to be resolved according to the Dutch Legal Sector Plan in small groups. One group analysed, for example, the role of the judge in resolving ‘big issues’, such as climate change and racism. The researchers also reflected upon challenges and opportunities for their research during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Aleydis Nissen moderated the Symposium. Elise Filius helped her with the organisation. Tom Vennmanns (Radboud University) and Marlou Overheul & Max Vetzo (Utrecht University) provided valuable input in arranging the event.

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